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December Frostbite Race - Sunday 12 December 2021 – Hinchingbrooke Country Park

The next Frostbite League Race is on 12 December 2021 at Hinchingbrooke Country Park. Please come along and encourage your child to run and support our Juniors. All the details can be found on our website or on the Frostbite Friendly League website.
  • Race

  • The race will be at held at Hinchingbrooke Country Park

  • The Junior race starts at 10.15 am and will be less than 1.5 miles

  • The Senior race starts at 11.00 am and will be between 5 and 6 miles

  • All competitors must be paid up members of their club and wear club vests

  • Age Rules

  • Junior runners must be 9 and over. Senior runners must be 16 and over. Where a Junior is 15 on the day of first race of the season and 16 on the day of the last race of the season they may elect to run all of the races in that season as either a Junior or a Senior but not both. The rule applies regardless of when a Junior completes their first race of the season.

  • Scoring

  • Scoring is based on the finish position of each team's first 10 seniors to finish and first 5 Juniors to finish.

  • For Senior teams the first 10 runners to score, 3 of which must be male and 3 must be female. The remaining places may be male or female.

  • For Junior teams the first 5 runners to score, 2 of which must be male and 2 must be a female. The remaining place may be male or female.

We would love for as many of our Juniors to run as possible but with it being close to Xmas and with the added complication of covid, we would really appreciate your support to make sure that we have a full team turn out in the Junior race.

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