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Sportshall athletics was created to introduce young athletes to track and field in a form that could be practiced indoors and generally during the winter months when the weather can be unfavorable.


Werrington joggers support and encourage participation in Cambridgeshire AA organised annual Sports-hall athletics competitions, on a team competition basis, which are then used as the basis for County team selections for the Regional finals for Under 11's and for Under 13's/Under 15's.


Under 11 events

Circuit (Obstacle) relay (4 runners),

4 x 1 lap relay, 

6 Lap Paarlauf ,,

1+1 lap Relay (2 runners),

Standing Long-jump,

Standing Triple Jump, 

Vertical |Jump.           

Balance test,              

High Stepper            

Speed bounce.            

Chest push,                

Target Throw              

soft javelin.               


Under 13 events

2 lap race, 

4 lap race, 

6 lap race, 


standing Long jump, 

standing triple jump, 

vertical jump, 

speed bounce,                  

paarlauf relay (2 athletes), 

4 x 2 lap relay, (4 athletes)

circuit relay (4 athletes)

Under 15 events

2 lap race  

4 lap race, 


Speed Bounce,

Standing Long jump 

Standing Triple jump (Boys)  

Vertical Jump (Girls)

8 lap paarlauf relay (2 athletes), 

4x2 lap relay (4 athletes) 


Please Check Events Calendar or     for


Home Pentathlon

The Home Pentathlon is a fun way for families to take part in adapted Sportshall Athletics events within their home environment. We hope you find these resources helpful and would be delighted if you are able to promote the use of them.

The full details can be found here -

The guidance notes and online score system are supported by a set of Youtube clips which have kindly been narrated by Olympic medal winner Katharine Merry.

Sportshall: Welcome
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