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Club Standards

The Club Standards are a set of gender and age graded race times over six set distances

· Marathon

· Half-Marathon

· 10 Mile

· 10 Kilometre

· 5 Mile

· 5 Kilometre

Only times achieved in permitted races which hold a course measurement certificate (either ACM "Certified Accurate", or "Registered Distance" (or are Peterborough or Rutland Parkruns) and produce full written results will be recognised, and only if the claimant was a member of Werrington Joggers on the day of the race.

Members are encouraged to compare their race times against the Club Standards and when they achieve a standard time, to claim the standard for that distance. See the Werrington Joggers Standards Site for the distances, times, age groups, and to register a claim. A handbook that explains how to take part in the Standards is also available there.

Triplet Trophies

Members who achieve three separate distance standards within their age category will be awarded a Standards Triplet Trophy at the end of the year in which they made the third claim, provided that the claim was made before 1st December. These triplet awards will be made at the Christmas buffet at the pub on the Tuesday chosen just before Christmas.

Claims can be made against the standards at any time for any race that has a certified distance (note this excludes most Frostbite series races, but does include Peterborough and Rutland Parkruns, but not necessarily other Parkrun events).

Claims cannot be carried over from one age group to another, and claims for which a Triplet Trophy has been awarded cannot be used again. Once a member has been awarded a Triplet Trophy for a given Standard they cannot be re-awarded a Triplet for the same distances and times whilst in that same age category, but can, if they claim three better Standards, be awarded a further Triplet Trophy.

Super 6 Trophies

A member who achieves a set of 6 standards of any type within their age category will be awarded a Super 6 Trophy at the end of the year in which they made their sixth claim. These are independent on the Triplet Trophies and are in recognition of the runner's ability to race all six distances. Only one Super 6 Trophy will be awarded to a member for their age category irrespective of the number of claims made or Triplet Trophies awarded.

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