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Senior Club Championship



1) To qualify for the club championships a minimum of 3 races must be completed and then your best 4 out of 7 race scores are added together to give your final total. 

2) 5-year age categories (age groups are based on your age at 1.1.2020)

3) Provided 3 races have been completed there will be 1st, 2nd& 3rd in each category

4) Club vests must be worn in all club championship races. Runners finishing a club championship race not wearing a club vest will not be awarded any points for that race in the club championship.

5) Runners wearing another runner's number (number swapping) in a club championship race will be permitted providing the race director permits it and has swapped the names in the final results. Many races do not permit number swapping and points will not be awarded to either the original holder of the race number if applicable or the person believed to have worn it, if the swapping of race numbers is not allowed by the race director.

6) Runners club subscriptions must be paid by the start of the race. Runners whose membership is not paid will not be awarded points from that race

7) Non individual affiliation to England Athletics may mean that in some races the runner is registered as 'unafiliated' for the purposes of that race; this will have no bearing on the club championships, and EA/non-EA members will score equally.

8) Finishing positions for the purpose of the club championships will be the chip time (where there is one) or the gun time (where no chip). The finish position within the race is not relevant for the club championships. The faster runner will always get more points, irrespective of the order they cross the finish line

9) Where two or more runners are tied for a first, second or third overall place in the championship after the last race, the ties will be broken by examining the head-to-head race results for those runners. Given seven races all runners should face each other at least once during a championship season and the result of that race will be used to select the faster runner where they are tied on points. This will mean that in general only three runners will be awarded trophies within each age category - only exceptionally, where there has been an even number of head-to-head races and the results for those races have in turn been equal and given no clear winner, will joint trophies be awarded.

2020 Fixtures and Results
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